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Mergers & Acquisitions on Ulitzer On2 Technologies, Inc. (NYSE Amex: ONT) today reported a proposed settlement, subject to court approval, to resolve litigation involving five purported class action complaints, four filed in the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware, which have been consolidated into a single action (the "Delaware Action"), and another filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Queens (the "New York Action") that were brought in connection with the proposed acquisition of On2 by Google (the "merger"). As more fully described in a Form 8-K being filed today by On2 and as disclosed in the registration statement on Form S-4, as amended (the "Registration Statement"), which Google intends to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") on or about October 26, 2009, On2 and the On2 board of directors and the plai... (more)

Talking to Simon Wardley About Ubuntu and Cloud Computing

Image via Wikipedia Most readers of this blog are probably well aware that a new version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution is coming this week, and that it will be putting code from the Open Source EUCALYPTUS Project to work in simplifying the creation of private Clouds that look remarkably like Amazon’s EC2. You’ve probably also read RightScale’s announcements with respect to Ubuntu, and heard that Sun Microsystems were also making supportive noises about EUCALYPTUS and the EC2 API before their recent change in circumstances. Earlier today I spoke with Simon Wardley of Canonical (the commercial organisation that sells support and consultancy for Ubuntu) to hear a little more about what those downloading Ubuntu will get… and what it might mean for the rapidly shifting Cloud landscape.  Production of this podcast was supported by Talis, and show notes are available on... (more)

Accessing Spring Beans from the BIRT Designer

Java Developer Magazine on Ulitzer Recently I have described methods that can be used to access Spring Beans from the BIRT Engine. These examples are intended to be illustrative and not comprehensive. More on BIRT and Spring Calling Spring Objects from BIRT Expressions and Event Handlers In both of these examples I used the BIRT engine to retrieve Spring objects within the scripting environment. In this post I am supplying an example that illustrates how to implement your own menu in the expression builder, so Spring objects can be called within the BIRT Designer. This will allow you to test your report prior to deployment. In this post: BIRT 2.3.1 - Adding Functions to the Expression Builder I described how to implement the org.eclipse.birt.core.ScriptFunctionService. The attached example is an implementation of this extension point. When using this example the expre... (more)

Is HTML5 Replacing the App Store?

Last week I downloaded the new native application version of Facebook mobile for my iPhone.  I must admit that I like the native application far better than the HTML5 version.  The HTML5 version was jerky, slow to load, and scrolling up and down the news feeds was rough.  The native version is much smoother and faster.  The winner of the Facebook mobile challenge is definitely the native application version. Now for the news... According to the article “HTML5 vs. Flash for Gaming and Internet” from Gamer Syndrome, HTML5 is quicker and simpler than Flash and its benefits greatly outweigh the limitations.  Read Original Content Research from InformationWeek Reports reveals that 74 percent of organizations have or will build custom mobile apps, and 52 percent of those building native apps say that until HTML5 matures, they can’t get the functionality they need in a brow... (more)

New Intelligent PCIe Communication Controller – the iSPAN 5639L from Interphase

Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ: INPH), a leading global provider of solutions for converged communications networks, announces the latest version of its high-density iSPAN® 5639L Low-Profile PCI Express® Multiprotocol Communications Controller , the most powerful, the most versatile, and the most compact in the industry. The iSPAN 5639L is designed to provide intelligent network interfaces for application platforms that need to connect to TDM/ATM networks. “Over the past year, the iSPAN 5639L has field-proven that it is a cost-effective, reliable, and software-rich building block for a wide range of signaling nodes and monitoring services and for media termination and switching in host-based media processing applications,” said Marc DeVinney, vice president of Engineering at Interphase. “The updated version improves on this strong performance.” This new revision o... (more)

An Introduction to Abbot

Graphical user interface (GUI) testing is a potentially problematic area because constructing effective test cases is more difficult than the corresponding application logic. The roadblocks to effective functional GUI testing are: Traditional test coverage criteria like "80% coverage of the lines of code" may not be sufficient to trap all the user interaction scenarios. End users often use a different user task interaction model than the one conceived by the development team. Functional GUI testing needs to deal with GUI events as well as the effects of the underlying application logic that results in changes to the data and presentation. The common methods for functional GUI testing are the "record and execute" script technique and writing test programs for different scenarios. In the "record and execute," the test designer interacts with the GUI and all the eve... (more)

Java Developer's Journal Exclusive: 2006 "JDJ Editors' Choice" Awards

The editors of SYS-CON Media's Java Developer's Journal are in a unique position when it comes to Java development. All are active coders in their "day jobs," and they have the good fortune in getting a heads-up on many of the latest and greatest software releases. They were asked to nominate three products from the last 12 months that they felt had not only made a major impact on their own development, but also on the Java community as a whole. The following is a list of each editor's selections and the reason why they chose that product. Joe Winchester Desktop Java Editor SwingLabs SwingLabs is an open source laboratory for exploring new ways to make Swing applications easier to write, with improved performance and greater visual appeal. It is an umbrella project for various open source initiatives sponsored by Sun Microsystems and is part of the community... (more)

Critical security issues found in Spring Framework

Ounce Labs discovered two security vulnerabilities that can affect Java and .NET Web applications and that use the popular Spring Framework. ... (more)

Enterprise Integration Patterns for Security

It seems like the Enterprise Integration (Security) Patterns Fred came up with went over pretty well at the Unatek Conference earlier this month. Last October Fred and I published an article on Handling Multiple Credentials in an Heterogenous SOA Environment and since that was well recieved I thought it might be a good topic for the conference keynote. Naturally, I asked Fred to help ;-) and he came up with the following three enterprise integration security patterns: Message Protection Token Propagation Token Mediation These patterns capture solutions to common security challenges when dealing with multiple protocols and credential formats. These challenges frequently occur in an SOA environment that integrates multiple middleware technologies, such as Web services and CORBA, or Web services and J2EE (which actually amounts to pretty much the same thing since J2EE in... (more)

JavaScript Tips for Novices, Acolytes, and Gurus

"JavaScript, with its death grip on the Interwebs and every AJAX developer's language of only choice, is getting hot. With roll-overs, pop-ups, and menus either solved or relegated to CSS behaviors, XMLHttpRequests have made JavaScript once again a language of innovation. This article is meant to offer a tidbit of idiomatic advice for people who know JavaScript or want to know JavaScript coming from Java, C, Python, Perl, or PHP" ... (more)

The 64KB Java Language Problem - Lesson Learnd from Using Rhino to Process JavaScript

This entry documents a few tips related to using Rhino JavaScript Engine to process JavaScript code. If you are using Rhino, you probably won’t run into the issues covered in this post during development or even testing. However, you are fairly likely to run into these issues after your system goes live. It would easily result in days or even weeks of soul searching (speaking from my personal experience:-)). Part of the problem seems to be the lack of documentation from the web. The other part of the problem is that the problem is rather a Java language problem(very convoluted). - Java limits the maximum method size to be 64KB. 1. JVM Byte Code Size Limit Problem On rare occasions, you will see exceptions like the followings from Rhino when processing JavaScript files: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: out of range index at org.mozilla... (more)